Random 411: Close calls

I got so caught up in reading I almost missed Day 13 of NaBloPoMo! I ‘m glad I took a break when I did; I would have been so bummed if I missed a day. I’m on a roll!

And since I almost missed Day 13, it got me think about other close calls. Those irritating moments when life sneaks up on time. This blog post want the only close call for me today. The first one was my homework.

Every week we need to post a response to a forum question that’s proposed by the professor. For this class, Intro to International Relations, our weekly posts are due by Thursday, 11:55p EST. This evening I submitted my post at 6:53p HST, which means 11:53p EST (one of the many reasons I love fall daylight savings, an extra hour roger my homework done 😉 ). I mean talk about close call! And that’s not even the closest call I’ve had. Last week I submitted my post 11:55p ON THE DOT! How is that for close calls?

What are some of your close calls?

Do you feel frustrated if you don’t make it?

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