Movie 411: Godzilla v.s MUTO


Ah, what can I say about my first, ever, Godzilla movie?

Yep. It was a first for me. I’m not one to watch these kind of monster movies, but I have to say … not bad.

Firstly, the storyline … well, it was pretty ok. I mean, I know it’s been done before and it’s not the first “alien” take over themed movie, but I like the concept. Alpha predator that roams the Earth to ensure balance? That’s cool. The fact that some of the nuclear bombings in the past was to try to kill Godzilla? That’s cool too. So, the storyline wasn’t too bad. Not original but not redundant either. I can’t wait to see Cinema Sins’ report on this one. And even “What’s the damage?” I mean, Japan, Waikiki, Vegas, and San Francisco? That’s gattah rack up the numbers.

I did think it dragged on a bit. It got a little slow moving for me when they hit Hawaii. I mean, I’m all for Hawaii getting screen time, but the storyline just seemed to drag. I also thought taking place at night kind of sucked, but I get that it was probably done to add to the atmosphere. I found myself thinking what it would be like if it took place during the day.

But the showdown between Godzilla and the MUTOs was EPIC! Was it worth the wait? Meh. Not sure about that one. But still … EPIC!

Now let’s discuss the acting. Pretty good if you ask me. I didn’t recognize Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Ford Brody), to be honest. I had to IMDb him and wasn’t surprised that I didn’t recognize him. I haven’t watched any of his past movies, except for Kick Ass and well … I’m leaving that alone.

So, back to Godzilla.

I didn’t recognize Elizabeth Olsen (Elle Brody) as well, but she did a very good job. I loved the fact that she was one of those strong military wives. I mean, she wasn’t all balling her eyes out and begging her husband to get home like they have in some movies. I liked how she played it when she got that call from her husband.

Anyway, Bryan Cranston did a great job and So did Ken Watanabe. Overall the cast did pretty well.

And now we get to the graphics. Not bad. I’d say that it was a bit, just a tad, over the top, but hey, it’s Godzilla. The shots seem pretty straight forward, from what I could tell (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong since I’m not too technical when it comes to shooting), so it want anything really … epic.

Overall, not bad. Personally, I wouldn’t go running out to the store to buy it, but I wouldn’t mind watching it again.

I can’t wait to see the Honest Trailer on this!

Favorite Scene:
Godzilla Smackdown!
Oh, and when they totaled Waikiki!

Favorite Quotes:
“Man’s arrogance is thinking that we can control nature …”

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