BookJunkie 411: The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade

Disclaimer: It’s a review. There are spoilers.

Ghost-and-the-Goth_jacketIt was by chance that I came across this book and since I’m back in school I’m trying to keep my reading light. This story fit into this category perfectly.

The story starts off with cheerleader Alona ditching school. She’s on her cell phone yelling into an answering machine (and it is an answering machine not a voicemail, you’ll understand why when you read it), not paying attention, and gets hit by a bus while crossing the street. Since half of the title is “The Ghost” I’m sure you can figure out what happens. Anyway, so Alona returns as a spirit, hangs out by the high school, when she realizes one of the living can see her.

Enter Will. The Goth. He’s pretty much a loner because of his … gift. He uses headphones to ignore the ghostly voices; it’s basically a cover-up so he doesn’t accidentally react to a ghost and letting them know he can see and hear them. His life is challenging, of course. I mean, imagine being a teenage medium?

When Alona realizes Will can see and hear her, she makes it a point to get him to acknowledge and then help her and their adventure begins. There are best friends who isn’t who you think they are. There is a ghostly dark force. And there is humor.

I haven’t read too much stories on life as a medium (In fact, I think Karen Cantwell’s Keep Me Ghosted was really the first book I read where the protagonist is a medium)  and I like how Stacey Kade told the story from this perspective. It’s one of those books that change narratives so you get Alona’s point of view and Will’s point of view. I’m seeing more and more of this trend in books now days and the jury is still out on whether or not I like it. There wasn’t any drag to the story so it moved along at a decent pace and I like the humor laced into it. It was enough to keep things interesting and balanced.

Kade does a good job with her characters. Alona has a … strong personality. Make of it what you will. She’s “in your face” and doesn’t care if you’re offended or not—on the outside. She puts on this strong front for various reasons (don’t we all wear some kind of armor?) and it doesn’t get weaker as a ghost.

Will … hm, he’s a good balance to Alona’s feisty attitude. One who didn’t know what was going on would say he’s got issues (and again, don’t we all have some private battle going on?).

Together they make a good team, eventually. They are entertaining and I like the candor between them. It was tough to get to that level, but when they did, it was nice to watch.

While she wasn’t one of my favorites, I liked how Joonie adds to the story.

If there was any disappointment at all, it was the moment I realized that this was book one of a trilogy. Yep. I went to add it to my “read” list on GoodReads and saw “(Book #1).” Sighs. I liked how this book ended. It left things open to the imagination, but it had closure. And then I find out there are two more books? Well, I’m still debating whether I’m going to indulge in the other two since I enjoyed this story just as it is.

However, overall, I’d add this to my library. It’s a fun story with a good plot and great characters.

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