Life … It happens

And happens. And happens.

I’ve been lagging with my reviews, both movies and books. I am sorry. As the title of this post suggests … life happened. I took a semester off from school to give myself some breathing space and truth be told I’ve been entertainment binging on my free time, πŸ˜‰ .

So if I was behind before, I’m totally behind now. But, I have a plan to get back on track. Seriously. I have one. I have a calendar and all. And it’s full of ideas for blog posts. Now, whether or not I can actually follow through … I’m really bad at that. I admit it. One of my gazillion flaws. I’m a great planner, but the follow through is always my challenge. But, I have a plan. I already put it into action with my post this morning so, so far so good *gives a thumbs up*.

And I actually feel like writing! *happy dance* (I need to find one of those gif images …)

Yes, for a while my mind just drew a blank. As much movies and books as I was reading, I just didn’t feel like writing. I’m starting to feel like writing again so …

So, a plan. *cue happy dance gif again*

Forgive me? I hope you do.

Wish me luck!

June, please be good to me.

And now for dinner!

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