Is it June already?

Wow. I mean, wow. It seems like I blinked once and it took me to June.

So what have I been doing for most of May? Nothing. Yep. To be completely honest, nothing. I feel bad for not posting, but lately I’ve been really tired. I mean, really tired. For most of the month I avoided writing because it was just draining. I’m taking a break from school because I didn’t have the energy to do my homework after I finished my day job. Whatever it is, I hope to get over it this month.

And so I start this month, well the second day of the month, with this post.

With June on its way, I do what I tend to do every year at this time … think about the first half of the year. Have I done a lot?, what more can I do?, what do I really want to accomplish this year? Are some of the questions that come to my mind when June rolls around. Where are you at?

I’m excited for this month. I’m going to work on Family history until the next semester. What are you doing?

Well, I best be getting–my eyes are all droopy and such–and I hope to see you soon. Ciao!

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