MovieBuff 411: Frozen

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Oh, yes. This movie definitely made my to-be-watched list and I wasn’t disappointed.

Singing. Humor. Finding yourself. Classic Disney.

Released in the tail end of last year, I finally got a chance to watch it and I enjoyed it. You have this princess, Elsa, born with this magic where she can create snow and ice, who struggles with herself to control it. While she and her younger sister, Anna, are playing with snow and ice, Elsa accidentally hits her sister in the head with this magic and  her head starts to freeze. The family rushes to seek help from trolls and the chief of the trolls was able to cure Anna from being frozen to death, but suggests to the family that he erases the memory of Elsa performing magic. So, Elsa keeps the secret from her sister and starts to withdraw as her magic starts to develop. Then, tragic strikes *gasps* (it was predictable, but let’s go through the motion of being surprise, so … *gasps*), their parents die! Leaving Elsa as not only the heir, but now alone with her secret and struggle to control it.

And the Disney family grows. We have princesses Anna and Elsa (until she becomes Queen, because, you know … yeah), we have Sven and Kristof, and we have a new comic relief … Olaf!

While the story line was a predictable, especially if you grew up watching Disney, I enjoyed it. And I liked the new perspective on the true love angle. I really did. So many times we see true love being a prince or a love interest and it was so good to see it not happen that way. *chuckles* This coming for a gal who is always questioning that true love angle. I swear! Every time the true love card is played I’m all like “Who said it has to be the one person she falls in love with? I mean, why can’t her mom save her or like her best friend.” (And I’m not kidding either. I thought that every time I see it pop up in a movie. Even as an 8-year old watching Beauty and the Beast 😉 . I’m not trying to be a buzzkill, just trying to see things from all perspectives) So the spin on the true love angle made the movie that much more enjoyable to me.

I like musicals. I have nothing against musicals. And seriously, tell me you don’t secretly wish you could burst into song and dance in the middle of your day and not get crazy stares. No? Bah humbug! And if you do, you won’t be disappointed. True to Disney fashion, you have a pretty upbeat soundtrack. My favorite was Olaf’s medley, but I keep singing “Let It Go” when the occasion to use that saying rises!

So, verdict.

As enjoyable as this movie was I’m on the fence whether I’d add it to my library. It didn’t break my Top 5 Favorite Disney movie list. I wouldn’t mind watching it on occasion and if it was playing on TV and I was channel surfing, I’d probably stop to watch it. It was good, but it wasn’t great. I know, I know. Buzzkill. Totally, but that’s my verdict. I recommend at least watching it once. And I’m excited how this franchise will add to the Disney lineup. I would definitely add a Disney pin to my collection–especially one of Olaf or Sven.

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