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The One (The Selection, #3)The One by Kiera Cass

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I left this series hanging with the #UnlockTheOne Promo that went on May 2nd. I blogged about, I sent my Twitter feed in a frenzy to unlock those precious ten chapters, I wasn’t disappointed. Granted I didn’t take the opportunity to blog about those ten chapters, but I waited until midnight on Tuesday to read the book. And again, I wasn’t disappointed.

What a great ending to a great story! And yes, I gave it five stars because I feel it deserves five stars.

Cass did a great job snapping the pieces into place with this one. Lately, I’ve come across a few book series that doesn’t seem to want to end. Even though it’s suppose to be the final installment, it left me with so many questions that it didn’t feel like the end. That’s not the case with this one. It wraps the series up nicely and if Cass should decide on future Selection books, there is a window open, not a whole door or an entire new house to explore. It is a relief to read a series where it leaves the reader satisfied.

In The Selection we saw how torn she was. We experienced her heartache and saw a hope of friendship. In The Elite we saw how that friendship started to deepen and it scared her. We saw her confusion when her old life and her new life started to merge and the reality set in. And in The One we finally see how America finally grew comfortable with herself and how her life has changed. Instead of fighting it, she accepted it and I liked that. I enjoy stories where the main character grows into their own. It shows strength and hope. After committing to a series and investing the time you do, you want to be proud for the characters you’ve grown to love. Such is the case with this series.

In addition to seeing how America grows, we see her relationship develop with both Aspen and Maxon. I was happy to see the progress. As mentioned, she accepted change and it’s carried out through development in the love triangle. Of course it was your typical love triangle storyline, but it pieced together nicely and I enjoyed seeing it develop. Many argued how the series would have fallen apart if America chose Aspen instead of Maxon so the ending was predictable. I beg to differ. I could a positive outcome if the alternate ending would have ended up with America and Aspen, but I am so glad Cass chose to write it the way she did.

And then you have the kingdom and its future. This was another plus for me. I enjoyed seeing how Cass set the kingdom on its new path. I liked how the Italians came into play and how she introduced the rebel twist. Even with the ending being as tragic as it was (because I never thought I’d grow to like Celeste and I found I missed her as well when I read the prologue), the possible future for the kingdom was exciting. The new direction and the new leadership. Cass left an opening, but gave us enough closure that I could be excited thinking about the “. . .”of the “And they lived happily ever after . . .”

I recently joined this fandom at the beginning of this year so the anticipation of the last chapter wasn’t as long as a wait for me as it was for others.  And thank goodness for that! Well done, Ms. Kiera Cass. You’ve satisfied this reader. I look forward to reading Queen Amberly’s Selection in your newest Selection Series novella.

And while I am happy with the outcome of this series, if you decide to write a few more books on Maxon and America’s future, I look forward to them.

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