BookJunkie 411: The Sookie Stackhouse Conflict, part 2

The Sookie Stackhouse series really bothered me. I started off excited to read the series and I gave up at book ten. I won’t finish it because I can’t understand the way it ended. I read the book summaries of the last three books and many of the book reviews surrounding them so I know how it ended and I just can’t agree with it. Some fans defended the way it ended, many did not.

Here are some arguments that was made to defend the reasons why the series ended the way it did, and the reasons I came up with to poke holes in that defense. (I did another post with two great articles: one with a high rating of how the series ended and the second, which I agree with more, on why it shouldn’t have ended the way it did – BookJunkie 411: The Sookie Stackhouse Conflict, part 1)

Reason 1: Sookie Never Wanted to Turn

I get that. And I agree. Sookie shouldn’t turn. But who said she had to turn in order to be with Eric or Bill? She’s part fairy. Her great grandfather is a fae prince with uber magic. Are you saying that a witch’s spell can break a blood bond, but that fae magic couldn’t allow Sookie a long life? Not to mention, wouldn’t she live a little longer anyway because she’s part fae? Why couldn’t Niall enhance that part of Sookie to ensure her a long life? This could allow Eric, or even Bill, to be with Sookie. I mean, why introduce the fae aspect of it and not even use it? By allowing the witches the ability to break the blood bond between Eric and Sookie with a spell and not balancing it with Sookie’s fae heritage, it suggests, at least to me, that the witches are more powerful than the fae. The witches, who are magical by trade, are more powerful than the fae who are born magical. What’s wrong with this picture?

Reason 2: Sookie Loves the Sun

Again, who said she would have to give this up to date/marry vampires? See above.

Reason 3: Sookie and Sam always had something special

Yes, I agree. And after I read book one and even book two, I really wanted this to happen. I was never really a Bill fan because Sam seemed so much better for her. I was rooting for him all the way until book three. When nothing more developed between Sam and Sookie in book three and even four, I realized Sam would be a great best friend for her. I justified they’re probably better friends than lovers. I mean, Sookie was working for Sam for five years before Bill came into the picture, right? Why didn’t Sam make his move? One of Sam’s reasons for not “hooking” up with someone was that he couldn’t be a shifter and hide that from his significant other. But Sookie was a telepath and Sam knew that Sookie was different, why not confide in her then? Or after the Great Revelation? Or after she broke it off with Bill? Or after … a gazillion other times? My justification on why the author never allowed Sam and Sookie their moment after reading book four was that they couldn’t see each other like that. They were too good as friends and I was happy with that justification. It made sense. Sam was closer with her than Tara and he was a supe so that really helps Sookie. And the fact that Sookie’s brother wasn’t the greatest, I was happy she could rely on Sam. I knew Sam would always support her, even as a best friend. And then that got shot to shreds when Harris decided, after oh, twelve books and about seven years later, to put Sam front and center. What?! As much as I wanted them together, having them develop romantic/passionate feelings for each other that late in the game just didn’t make sense to me. I’m sorry, it didn’t. It just seemed so wrong after that.

Reason 4: Sookie always wanted a normal life

I have to disagree with that. For me, it seems a normal life was frustrating for her. She was always hurt and upset with the way her “normal” peers treated her; like an outcast, like a freak. She was always different, always an outsider, because of her telepathy. She liked feeling important, feeling she was needed. She said as much to Sam before she went to the vampire summit and that’s the reason she went. And she went to the vampire summit knowing that once she did her life could never be the same again. To me, that’s not “always wanted a normal life.” Even if she did have hopes for a normal life, her going to that summit, knowing the consequences, having been warned by Sam and even her fairy godmother, was her accepting she could never be normal. And I was proud for her at that moment. It was like, she accepted she was different and she was going to make the most of it. I liked where this was going. This train of thought was reenforced when I found out she really was part fae. I mean, YAY! She really is different. Even better for her. She can grow into her “disability” because she accepted it. And then to rip this away from her and reduce her to a “normal” life? All that growing she did? All that self-realization she had? Poof, disappears when she forces herself into a normal lifestyle. It seemed to me like she didn’t come to terms with that part of her life, after all she went through.

Reason 5: Eric was always the bad boy, always will be the bad boy and will always choose power over Sookie

Okay, this is the reason I cannot accept the ending of this series. This is the reason I cannot find any justification to defend the way Harris ended it. This is the reason the story doesn’t make any sense to me.

If the above reason is true, that Eric will always choose power/himself over Sookie why did the spell that Hallow cast take Eric to Sookie? The spell Hallow cast was for Eric to be close to his heart’s desire without ever realizing it (Dead and Gone, pg 96). His heart’s desire. If he desired power, why didn’t the spell take him to Sophie-Ann so he could kill her and gain control of Louisiana? Or keep him at Fantasia since he had power and control there? And during this amnesia part, Eric was willing to give up his kingdom for her. When he finally got all his memories back, he’d have remembered this. When you stripped Eric down to his core personality, took away everything else and just keep Eric, he loves Sookie and is most happiest with her. He remembered he had strong feelings for her, in fact he mentions not liking “strong feelings” a book or two before the spell-casting, and that he was the happiest he’d ever been.

Not to mention, Harris took away the major obstacle that would take away Eric’s free will. She killed Eric’s maker. I mean, we saw what the maker-vampire child relationship could do for a vampire when Bill’s relationship with Sookie unravel because of it. That was the only thing that could seriously stop human-vampire relationships, per se. She even demonstrates the hold Ocella had on Eric in Dead In the Family and that was more than what she showed with Felipe’s take over. When Harris killed Ocella, and also killed Alexi, nothing stood in the way. And yet, she makes Eric succumb to Felipe’s wishes? Really? And marry someone else who wasn’t his heart’s desire? Seriously? That seems very weak to me and so un-Eric like.

And another thing. Felipe extended protection to Sookie for saving his life. Isn’t that the equivalent to “friend of the pack?” So, let’s consider this. Sookie has friend of the pack status with both Weres and Vampires. She’s part fae and not just any part, she’s part fae royalty. She has the unique ability to read minds. She’s helped you in the past. She’s married to one of your most powerful sheriffs. Why cut off a powerful asset? Eric has never shown he wanted the thrown, now even when Sophie-Ann was at her worst. It seems like Eric would be fine if he’s left alone. That’s how it was. Sophie-Ann left Eric alone to take care of Area 5 and Eric was content with that. If Felipe would have done the same thing, he’d have the added advantage of employing Sookie from time to time. Keep Eric and Sookie happy, you’ll have added resource. And if Claude was able to come back over, that means Sookie could still have access to the fae kingdom. Bonus. Instead, you cut that off? I don’t get it. Felipe, who orchestrated a take over of Louisiana and kept Eric alive because of his talents, couldn’t see how beneficial it was to keep Sookie in good favors? You can’t tell me it’s because vampires have no respect for humans. Sookie wasn’t all human.

Long winded, I know, but I had to get this off my chest. I had to, at least write, the reasons why I can’t follow the logic that Sookie would settle into a “normal” life and date Sam. I had to write the reasons I can’t follow the logic that Eric would leave Sookie, after all they been through, after ten books of developing their relationship, to have it dissolve in a few pages.

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