Study Break: The impact of a single thought …

I haven’t been firing on all pistons this week, but I’m slowly getting my grove back. With that, comes studying.

Currently, I’m wrapping up studies on the Vikings. The class is dedicated to Viking History. I absolutely love it.

So this history is taking place around centuries surrounding year 1000. Imagine that? And a handful of sagas that got recorded some 200 years after these events made it possible. They’re not eyewitness accounts, but someone, back in the 1000s, decided “Hey, this sounds important, I better write it down” and because of that one thought we have loosely based accounts on what possibly could have happened. You couple that with archeological finds and such and you have plausible theories of what life was like back then. Way, way, way back then. Imagine that?

I’m just blown away by the impact that tiniest decision had. Someone thought these stories were worth writing down. Did they ever imagine their writings would survive to the year 2014? I would believe they would hope that their stories would get passed on, but here I am, born centuries later and I get to have an idea on how someone born in Scandinavia around the year 850 may have lived.

It completely floors me. And I cannot describe how much that appeals to me. Just the ripple effect that thought had. I wonder about who these authors were? What made them think it worth writing down? Were they bored and just needed something to do? Did they write it down thinking of inspiring future generations? What was their everyday routine?

It’s a subject I never get tired of and I’m glad there is so much history out there to keep me well entertained.


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