Theatre 411: Seussical Part 2


What a treat! The Kauai Performing Arts center presents Seussical, and tonight was opening night. I am so glad I got in on this one.

The best way to describe Seussical is it is a well-blended mix of Dr. Seuss stories set to a music score. The center focus is on an ordinary boy who finds the Cat’s Hat which takes him on an adventurous “think.” Horton and the Cat in the Hat seem to be the primary Dr. Seuss story lines. The script is so much fun to watch! The interwoven storyline a were nicely written, and the cast did a great job bringing it to life. My favorite characters in this musical definitely is Thing 1, 2, 3 and 4! Just kidding. It’s definitely Cat in the Hat. The Things were there, helping with set changes.



First things first. The musical score was fabulous! I really wish there was a soundtrack for purchase, somewhere, because I would definitely add it to my library of soundtracks! Mad props to conductor Dennis McGraw and the wonderful musicians, excellent job.
There were so many good songs, but my favorite is How Lucky You Are. Oh, and Here On Who. Oh, and … well, yeah. I’ll stop at two.


The entire cast did a great job. I’ll repeat it–the entire cast did a great job! Everyone looked like they were having a good time–it showed through their acting. Even during some of the “sad” parts (as if Dr. Seuss is ever melancholy). I really enjoyed watching McKenna Pascua portray Gertrude McFuzz, the shy and somewhat outcast of a bird who is in love with Horton.

The sets were beautiful. The costumes where so … Seussical. It was a great performance all around. There were some minor set backs to sound, especially in Act II, but it wasn’t enough to our a damper on the show.


It was a great performance all around and I strongly encourage everyone to go and support it. You won’t be disappointed.

The show times are:
Apr 5 (Sat), 7 pm
Apr 6(Sun), 3 pm
Apr 11 (Fri), 7pm
Apr 12 (Sat), 7 pm
Apr 13, 3 (Sun) pm

It is definitely a must-see!

Solla Sollew!


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