Wise Words: Choose your path - Archived

Blog_WiseWords_AliceInWonderland-WhichRoadI thought this quote is very apt for the return of Wise Words.

This is one of my favorites, five years running. I was reading through a tutorial on creating your own mission statement and this was quote was typed at the very beginning. The moment I read it, I smiled at the thought of it because of the well-written genius behind it. I mean, really, isn’t that what makes a good quote? That is well-written, eloquently put, truths?

When I found this quote, I was at a cross roads. I got laid off, I wasn’t sure what steps should be taken next, and the truth behind these words really struck me. You know those Looney Tunes cartoons when a character gets boinked in the head?  Totally applied to that moment.

It makes sense that you need to know where you’re going before you can follow directions on where to go. How many times have we trudged along, trying to get to the finish line, when we don’t even have a clear idea of where that finish line is located?

This quote has been a guiding light every since. It never gets old. Huge decisions, even the small ones, are a constant throughout life. You’ll never stop crossing crossroads.

What wise words have guided you?

(Welcome back, Wise Words. Welcome back! =) )