Random 411: Happy All Fool’s Day!

Blog_AprilFoolsDayAha! I have 30 minutes, Hawaii Standard Time of course, to bank this out before it will no longer be April 1st.

Happy All Fool’s Day!

I hope you had an uneventful, prank-free Tuesday, but if you did not, I hope it was worth it ;P .

I was  reflecting upon this day last week, wondering just what is the history behind April Fools. I know, “such a geek, Jei,” but really, I was curious. What historian isn’t? Googling “April Fools,” as I’m sure millions of people did today, I found a little more about this quirky, somewhat random, day.

It seems April Fool’s Day started on or around the time that France shifted to the Gregorian Calendar (interesting this … Gregorian Calendar. It seems to be the root for almost all obscure traditions) (and this is according to this wonderful article April Fool’s Day Origin, History. Feel to jump over there and check it out. My post is based on it). When January 1st was standardized as the start of the new year, some elders refused to change and celebrated April 1st as the beginning of the year. These rebels were later teased and laughed at because of their “foolishness”–How mean! But then we wouldn’t have “April Fools!”

In other cultures, the Roman’s celebrated a festival called Hilaria on March 25th. Hilaria translates to “general good cheer.” The Hindu’s have Holia, or a “festival of colors” which celebrates general merrymaking. And the Jewish community has the festival of Purim which is celebrated with costume-wearing and pranks.

I’m not sure why, but I find it interesting that different cultures celebrate similarly, regardless of what they call it or how they’re doing it, the same principles apply.

But there you have. And here in America we celebrate with minor to major pranks. Some innocent and harmless, while others make the blow steam out their ears. I was never a prankster or trickster, I didn’t have it in me, so I was usually the punch line to the pranks. I never had anything terribly harsh done to me so … for the most part April Fool’s Day was kind of fun. I wish I could’ve used my Jester hat to work today, but that wouldn’t be too professional. Have any of you had a prank done to you? Have you ever pulled off an epic trick? Please feel free to share in the comments. I’m interested in hearing others celebrate this day.

I hope everyone had a fun, and safe, April 1st!

(Two minutes to spare … Yay!)

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