Educational Pursuits: The leap


So, this month has been a milestone of sorts.

It’s been almost two years since I made the decision to go back to school to pursue my BA and I have been in school for just over a year. The decision to transfer to American Public University, a strictly online university, allowed me to earn 31 out of my 121 credits faster than I would have if I continued at the local college. And while 31 credits doesn’t seem like much, I’m a quarter through my BA program, yay me!, and more than halfway done with my general education requirements.

Which leads me to the leap.

My current academic plan was to pursue my BA in General History, with a minor in Philosophy. History has always intrigued me so that was a given. And I decided I wanted to minor in Philosophy to explore the thought process behind it. I hear that people who take Philosophy learn how to argue better and who doesn’t want that skill? 😉

Since I’m almost done earning my general education requirements, I thought it was time to review my academic plan before I start getting into the core requirements for my BA.

  • Do I still want to pursue a history major?
  • Do I want to concentrate my major or do I want to keep it general?
  • Do I still want to minor in something?
  • Does that minor still interest me?

I figured it was time for a reassessment. Once I start on my core requirements, I have no intention of changing it so . . . now or never.

Looking back …

So, looking back on the courses I took, I realized that I had a really keen interest in Sociology. I really enjoyed my Human Ecology class and the Intro to Sociology class. Studying society, people, culture has always appealed to me–which is probably why I enjoy history too. When I think more about it, sociology seems to compliment history so I think I made the right decision to change this. As much as I want to explore the thought process behind Philosophy, and a desire to learn how to argue better,  I really, really enjoyed learning about society and people. Plus, I did well in those classes. I don’t think I should ignore that.

And the nitty-gritty.

The biggest challenge for me was deciding whether to concentrate my major or keep it general. The reason I wanted to keep it general in the beginning was I wanted to develop a “jack-of-all-trades” persona. I wanted to learn a bit of everything so I know where to go for anything. However, after going through most of my general education credits, it didn’t *feel* right to keep it general. The biggest needle is Viking History.

This semester I’m taking Viking History and I cannot begin to tell you how fascinated I am. I never thought to bother with it. American History has always been a favorite to me and I didn’t think to look else where for history. After the first week of Viking History, I decided to do some research and look up the benefits of learning European History and well … I can’t remember the exactly what I read, but I realized to truly understand American History, I need to take a look at the roots of it, which lies in Europe.

And here I am, taking a leap from familiar territory into the unknown. European History will be a challenge for me since I know so little about it. I’ll be counting on my love of learning to help me through it. And Sociology? Well, I never thought science could interest me. It’s never been a strong point for me. I didn’t care for it. But I never considered social science. I think that’s a whole other ball park.

And my journey continues, pursing a BA in European History with a minor in Sociology.

What doors does this open for me? Where will this pathway take me?

I’m excited … and I’d be lying if I wasn’t just a little nervous.


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