Movie 411: The hype, the buzz, the hook - Archived

I am a theatre goer. I am. Definitely. For me, a movie can never be as exciting than watching it on the big screen. The excitement of the crowd. Hearing everyone’s reaction to a scene. Just … well, everything. I love observing that.

The other part I love about watching movies are … *drum roll* … the previews. Yep. I LOVE watching the previews (unless, of course, it’s a preview for a horror flick. Because then I shut my eyes and cover my ears and hum so I can’t hear it through my hands <– I’m not kidding. I really did that when they previewed that reboot of Freddy Krueger during one of the movies I went to watch). I will make sure I am at the theatre and in my seat, on time, just so I can watch the previews. And when I hear “Well, at least we’ll get to skip the previews,” I try my best not to cringe. When I went to watch Wolverine, the theatre gave the option to watch the showing where there were no previews. My husband was all for it so I did my best to surpress my utter disappointment that I can’t see upcoming movies.

I think the lure of the trailers, especially on the big screen, is that it’s just fun. That seems to be the bottom line when I think of why I enjoy watching the trailers so much. It’s the hype, the buzz, the hook for every good movie (and every good book, but I’ll reign in the book geek since I’m suppose to be in movie junkie mode).

And you have to admit, the editing team that creates those two-minute trailers are genius! I mean, remember that time you went to watch the movie because the trailer looked so good? And then the movie turned out to be a let down? Yeah, you know that movie. We’ve all had that. So … trailer team? Genius. To fit the gist of the story without giving away any major plot is just amazing. The graphics, the music, the right buzzwords … awesome.

What movie trailer hooked you? Feel free to comment below.