BookJunkie Table Talk: The Selection Series #2 ~ Prince Maxon v.s. Aspen

Shipping wars: Prince Maxon v.s. Aspen Ledger.

For starters, I like both Aspen and Maxon. They both have good hearts and I feel they both love America. At this point, I’ll be okay with whomever America chooses because I feel they will take care of her in their own ways.

With that said, I will be lying if I didn’t mention I’m really, really hoping she’ll choose Maxon and vice versa.

I know Aspen loves America and always has and probably always will. I also understand Aspen encouraged her to enter the Selection because he wanted what was best for her. However, I feel he didn’t respect America enough to let her make her own decision. She loved him wholly and completely. She was more than ready to give up her present lifestyle if that meant she could be happy with Aspen. He didn’t consider this or he considered it, but to put his mind at ease, he chose to let her go. I don’t think he’s being selfish at all. I think he regrets letting her go and now sees an opportunity to see if he can win her back. I think he underestimated his love for her and now … he regrets it.

Because he chose to let her go, I think he should see his decision through. He was, more or less, prepared to live the rest of his life without her if it meant she would be happy and well taken cared of. Knowing she cares for Maxon and quite possibly loves him, he should do everything he can to make sure she’s happy. He should be helping her, even though it hurts him, because that’s what he hoped for America–for her to have a better life.

Now, Maxon. I see that he cares for and loves her. I see that he’s trying to give her time to come to grips with what would be her new life and responsibilities. I understand that if America cannot show faith and trust in Maxon, he’s forced to marry someone who will. I just hope–really, really hope–that he chooses America. At the end of Elite, America seems to choose Maxon and will be fighting to show him she can do it. I just hope he doesn’t crush her and choose Kriss. America has gone through a lot and has already suffered terribly heartache and lost. I would hate for her to finally give in and admit that she loves Maxon, makes her decision to be with him, and then he turns around and chooses someone. I hope Maxon doesn’t make her go through that again because she was scared and didn’t adjust fast enough for him.

And that is the hook for The One. I am very interested to see where Ms. Cass’ story will take us. She’s done a fabulous job with her story so far, even building the government tension. Her novella, The Guard, really sheds some insight to this side of the story so I’m excited to see the grand finale. So heads up, I’ll probably be blogging this again and until then … Happy Reading!

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