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The Elite by Kiera Cass

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I finished this in one sitting, reading from 8pm to 3:30 am, sleeping and then finishing it at 6:30 am (okay, so one and half sittings). Ms. Cass has put me on the edge of my seat, leaving me so upset that the final chapter is more than a month away! I feel as if I’m holding my breath, waiting to see how America fares after such a roller coaster ride.

At this stage of the story, rebels have attacked the castle a couple of times, the Italians have thrown support to someone in the competition, a blast from the past, growing competition for heart and thrown, and a doozy of a cliff hanger. I mean, I’m not kidding that I’m on the edge of my seat for the next one. So many things happen in this part of the story that I really don’t know where to begin. It’s really been an emotional roller coaster, as is the case with all good stories. America has to face so many different challenges you see her start to grow. And not only America, but Maxon as well.

Ms. Cass continues a strong storyline. There are many things America has to consider, not just her growing affection for Maxon or her revived passion for Aspen. She has to consider, if she’s chosen, her responsibilities as a Princess and what that means to her. She’s never had to think about that before. Her path was straight-forward until now. So many things that she’s not used to is thrown at her and she has no family to help her through it. I feel her frustration. She has a lot to deal with, more than the others in the competition, and you’ll see why.

The story moves a bit faster in this book. I already read the two novellas! Waiting for “The One” isn’t going to be easy.

I truly hope America gets some type of happily ever after, even if it’s as small as her living on her own, content that she chose herself.

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