BookJunkie 411: The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass

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I borrowed The Selection from the local library. Now I own it. It’s better than I gave it credit for and I’m glad to have it my library.

Quick summary: America, as we know it, doesn’t exist. War broke out, new alliances formed, truces made, and a new nation was born. America Singer was born into a world with no Halloween. Yes, I repeat, no Halloween. Thankfully, there’s still Christmas, kind of, but I’ll let you read it. Anyway, she meets the age requirements for the Selection, a competition where thirty-five girls are selected for the Prince to choose his bride. It’s kind of like a Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. I know some of you are thinking “What kind of story is this?” and I understand, but read on if you want to know why I love that it’s in my library.

America is in love with someone of a lower caste than her, she’s a five (artists and musicians) and he’s a six (servants), and they’ve been secretly dating. They’ve planned a future together–which is why it’s such a shock to America when Aspen encourages her to apply for the Selection.  Stuff happens and her world flips upside down, especially when she is chosen as one of the thirty-five girls.

That’s the basis of the story. I don’t get into details, but if you’re interested in more, feel free to follow my Table Talk on the series.

I really enjoy this story line. I know I’m geeking out a bit, but I read this story parallel to taking classes in Sociology this semester and this is probably why I found Kiera Cass’ story so compelling. I was learning the in-and-outs of the social class system from the hunter-gather society until present day and then this book pops out of no where with its caste systems and what-ifs. I’m not going to lie, I was totally excited. That’s what was going on behind the scenes, or maybe this was the backdrop of the story? Anyway, to my next point.

The center focus is on love. And I’m going to geek out again because I just wrote a paper, this same semester for my British Literature class, about love as it pertains to Wuthering Heights. So seriously, this book touched my nerves. Sure, the obvious love is Aspen and America, which develops into a love triangle with Prince Maxon-America-Aspen. I couldn’t help but comparing it to Wuthering Heights in the sense where the social class system plays an important role. However, there are other loves that come into play as well–love for your family, love between friends, love for the country.

And history. Yep, history is playing an important part in all this and being a history buff … well, need I say more?

With all that said, it is above anything else, a love story. Some may feel that the story moves slow in some parts and some of the behaviors are a bit immature. Let me clarify. It is a young adult romance. Ms. Cass does such a great job writing in this genre. I really did enjoy it and I’m thirty-something years old. There’s romance, yes, but there’s also so many other aspects, especially political aspects, that it has enough action to leave me curious. I will definitely recommend it for anyone who needs a good read to occupy their time.

I was so interested in knowing what happened next (I mean you have two rebel groups attacking the castle, are they working together? Who are they? Why?) I bought The Selection and The Elite, pre-ordered The One, and then bought the two novellas, The Prince and The Guard because I just couldn’t stand it. Dramatic? Probably, but it’s okay, I approve it!

Favorite Scene:  When Maxon and America meet for the first time. The exchange between the two of them was classic. Ms. Cass did good job with the scene. After reading through this scene some things were obvious, but I remember laughing to myself thinking, “I really want to see these two grown into their roles.”

Favorite Quote: “Your Majesty– Tugging on my ear. Whenever.”

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