MovieBuff 411: Oscars 2014 Highlights

Oh, what a night!

How was those Oscars last night? Wow! I had fun. The last time I had fun watch the Oscars … was it with Billy Crystal? I think it was. And this is when every MovieBuff have to, they just have to, recap it from their perspective. So here’s mine.

The trouble with living in Hawaii is that we’re a little bit behind on, well, all major events so my social media feeds and entertainment news feeds were buzzing even before the The Red Carpet aired. It wasn’t too bad, if you don’t mind spoilers, which I don’t. And seriously, I can’t than Twitter enough for not judging my fangirling, since it is fandom central!

The thing I need to say was Ellen rocked! I mean, totally. Rocked. She was funny, but not obnoxious funny and very entertaining. And at the risk of sounding shallow, I loved her selfies! Of course the pictures were popping up in my Twitter feed before I knew what was going on, which made watching the Oscars a bit more entertaining for me. Anyway, she did such a good job. I think what I appreciated the most was she was tactful. We haven’t had that in a while and she knocked it out of the park.


Secondly, Gravity. Wow. Ten awards. Wow. I seriously have to watch it now. Just because. And of course the wonderful Sandra Bullock stars in it, so win-win for sure! I did think some of the awards should have gone to others, like Best Cinematography, but I can’t knock it until I’ve seen the movie.

I loved that Frozen won an award. I loved Jared Leto’s acceptance speech. I loved Viola Davis dress. And loved the fact that Whoopie had rocked the red shoes!




Well done Neil Merin and Craig Zadan! It can’t be easy putting on a show with that all-star cast.

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