Good-bye 2013 … You’ve been good!

Wow. It’s already 2014. Well, I have about 9.5 hours until it’s officially the New Year, but still, another year is at a close

And of course I had to chime in with a New Year’s Eve blog post. I had wanted to take the time to draft a real moving and deep manifesto of sorts of the past year, but with finals week just ended and all the holiday festivities, I have to settle for a mild reflection upon the past 365 days.

It certainly has been an interesting year. Thinking back on where I was this night last year, I had finished my first semester back at school after a ten year hiatus. My blog wasn’t anywhere near active. And, while I was happy with life, I felt I still could do more.

Fast forward a year and I’m halfway through my freshman year in high school. I’ve been blogging regularly for eight moths now and met some awesome people through this community. I also strengthened some lasting friendships with a few online friends. It’s been a blast!

It’s been challenging. I’m not going to lie. Continuing school hasn’t been easy and I switched jobs at the beginning of 2013 which took me out of my comfort zone. And blogging regularly is still nerve racking, but I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve never appreciated writing on this level until now.

I have to say, the roller coaster is pulling in to the station as far as this year is concerned and I can’t wait to jump on the next one.

I just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and for your wonderful support this year.

May this be the start to a wonderful friendship!

Here’s to 2014! May it be the best year yet!


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