Moviegeek 411: The Hobbit: Desolution of Smaug

*SPOILER ALERT* I’m one of those people who

LOVES spoilers because I love seeing how it actually happened vice knowing what happens, but I understand not everyone is like that. Because of that I try to avoid mentioning plot in my reviews, but I’m breaking

protocol with this one, so … HEADS UP!

I have waited all year for this one. If I’m honest, I’ve been waiting since I left the theater *last* year after watching The Hobbit.

And it was worth the wait.

As a fan of the book series, I feel that the screenplay is EXCELLENT! Seriously, a shout out to Peter Jackson (who, of course, is directing as well), Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens, and Guillermo del Toro for doing an excellent job blending Tolkien’s plot and the LOTR movie

franchise plot into one working plot. Peter Jackson and his team are doing a great job of balancing all the elements. It’s truly amazing to see it come together and I think both movie franchises enhance the magic already set by the novels.

As the story continues for our adventurous group, we meet so many of our beloved characters in this one. We meet Beron. I’ve always admired Beron as a character and I’ve always been solemn about his story. It was no different seeing him in the movie. I’m sad that he is the last of his kind, but I’m happy to see his character on the big screen. His introduction rocked! I mean, come on!, even the orcs were afraid of him. You have to appreciate that.

And of course we get to see Mirkwood Forest *shudders*. Yep, seeing it on the big screen makes it as ominous as ever and DARNED those spiders! I mean, big, ugly, and … well, they suck! I was torn between closing my eyes because they freak me out and watching the screen because I didn’t want to miss a single shot of this wonderfully done movie.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in Peter Jackson's li...Yay, elves! Enter Legolas. Need I say more? He is definitely the rockstar as far as elves are concerned. And while I know they couldn’t have introduced the woodland elves without introducing Legolas, but I’m so glad they did. When I read the books I always thought, Bilbo definitely had to have crossed paths with Legolas so it’s awesome seeing it on-screen.

And I love Tauriel! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER! She is all kinds of AWESOMENESS! And while this is just a guess (Don’t bite my head off, okay?), I hope her death is a worthy one. I really do. She deserves to die boldly and fiercely, just as her personality portrays. I don’t care what Legolas’ father says, Taureil, you ROCK!

And since we’re on Mirkwood and the elves, can I just mention that the whole fight scene with the barrels and orcs and elves and dwarves and the little hobbit was EPIC! The choreography was awesome! Whatever they CG’d, awesome! That whole film sequence, AWESOME! I could watch that scene a thousand times and still be amazed. Great job. Great job.

And Bard! Okay, really it’s because it’s Luke Evens and he really did a good job portraying Aramis in the newer Three Musketeers, but I love how they tied in his character using Dale and his lineage to that event. I don’t remember Bard having played as huge as a part in the book as he did in the movie (aside from the … well, you know, big role) so to see his role develop was amazing.

And Smaug! Of course I need to mention the dragon. What kind of review would this be if I didn’t mention the dragon? Anyway, the scenes with Smaug were done well and the image of Smaug was nicely done. The whole scene in the mountain was awesome. It didn’t drag on too much and the fact that they implemented some of the tools their ancestors used was pretty cool.

Dr. Watson did an awesome job as Bilbo yet again. And of course Kili (sorry, I was always partial to Kili just as I was always partial to Pippin) is a given as well as Throin. At this point, it would be accurate for me to say the whole cast is doing such a great job in bringing this story to life. It’s awesome to see how far its come.

There is one thing that nags at me a little. The timeline of events. I’m sure it’ll all make sense with the third movie, but for now, it’s something that I can’t piece together. I thought there was at least a 50 year gap between The Hobbit and the LOTR. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I got. It just seems the rings call is strong in this prequel. I completely understand the need to link both movies so I expected to see some ring-action, but it feels … too soon?  Any thoughts? I can’t wait to see it all come together in the third movie.

I realized this movie post is longer than almost all the other movie posts I’ve done, but I had a lot to say about this one. It was just so … epic. It helps that I absolutely loved the story prior to the big screen.

If I had the money to watch this movie in theaters all the way until it leaves, I would. It’s that good, in my humble opinion. And it’s definitely going on my Blu-ray collection.

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