Writing Portfolio: Critical Evaluation of Apology by Plato - Archived

Plato and Aristotle
Русский: Памятник Платону и Сократу

This is a critical evaluation essay I turned in this semester. My goal was to argue why Plato’s “Apology” wasn’t effective in its persuasive argument. It was a tough one! But I successfully completed it and my hard work paid off. My professor thought I deserved an “A!” *happy dance*.

“The purpose of an argument is not to tell the audience what you believe, but to persuade the audience that your belief is a good one. (Driver, 77)” There are three persuasive appeals to use when presenting an argument: pathos, ethos, or logos. In addition to persuasive appeals, presentation is also important. Good presentation shows the readers that the author is a respectable and knowledgeable person (Driver, 62). However, in Apology by Plato, while his argument was passionate at portraying the wrong-doings against Socrates, certain fallacies and a poorly written defense brought to question his credibility, therefore weakening his argument.”

The rest of the essay may be read here: Critical Evaluation of Apology by Plato