Movie 411: “Wolverine”

Yay! They’re finally tying in Japan to Wolverine’s backstory. It’s been a long time coming. I always thought Japan was a big part of Wolverine’s story and it felt incomplete that the movie story hasn’t touched so I’m glad they tied it in now.

Aside from that, I thought they did an okay job merging this part of Wolverine’s life to the life we’ve already seen and I’m happy to see that our Jean Gray made an appearance *and* it was the same actress.

Whenever there’s a … long-lived aspect to the storyline, I’m intrigued. The fact that Wolverine is nearly indestructible and nearly immortal, I’m fascinated.

Truthfully, I’m not a comic book fan, but as a movie geek, I liked Wolverine. It was the greatest, but it didn’t suck either. I thought the villain, Viper, would’ve been stronger, but I respect that she was good at what she did. The concept of the bugs in the body thing was kinda cool.

The acting was alright as well. There were some new faces and it was nice to see. I think the chemistry was well-played.

Overall, I’d give it a B-/C+. Wolverine rocks and while this part of his story lagged just a bit, I think it, overall, it adds value to the franchise. I’m not sure whether it want to add it to my collection because it’s a good movie to have in my library or because I have the first movie and don’t want to break up my collection, so I’m going to add it to the “if it’s on sale, I’m getting it” category. At any rate, it’s a movie you gattah watch at least once.

[Bloggers note: This was sitting in my drafts, apparently, since August! I can’t believe it never got published. And I’ve never really looked in my draft queue until now. Epic fail! But, better late than never. InfoJunkie]

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