Moviegeek 411: The Internship

And on the fifth day of the last month in the year 2013 …

Oh my goodness. Where do I start with this one? I’m laughing as I type!

I wanted to watch this one since I seen the preview last year. I love both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as comedic actors and then to top it off with Google? Yeah, it was a must see for me.

And I wasn’t disappointed. I was laughing from a few minutes in.

I appreciate the story as well. With the job market as scarce as it is and a lot of people out there having to adapt to the changing job market, The Internship, hits home on many levels.

The story starts off with these two salesmen, Wilson and Vaughn, whose reached a brick wall in their career. The find their skills a bit obsolete in a technology-driven world. But they’re optimistic. Billy (Vaughn) finds an internship at the iconic Google and sends in applications for both himself and his best friend Nick (Wilson). The story proceeds from there, showing the challenges they face as 30-40 something year olds competing with 20-somethings.

The acting is an A in my book. You have seasoned, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. And then you have the new: Josh Brener (The Big Bang Theory, he filled in for Stuart at the comic book shop), Dylan O’brien (Teen Wolf! That is all), Tiya Sircar (Friends with Benefits), and Tobit Raphael to name a few. The cast was awesome. They did a good job. And with the newer actor and actresses, I’m excited to see where their careers will lead them.

And I need to say that I applaud Vince Vaughn for the story and the screenplay. He did an awesome job with this and I can’t wait to see more of his work. Shawn Levy did a good job as director as well. It was filmed nicely and flowed smoothly.

It’s hilarious. Filled with our beloved 80s references (oops, did I show my age a little?), their comedic style, and a punch line that hits home for us non-twenty something year olds, it’s a great movie to watch.

I’d definitely buy it for my DVD collection. Since it’s not really visually stunning, I’d pass on the blu-ray, unless I find it on the $5 rack.

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