Wise Words: Through it …

This is one of those quotes where a few words make a huge impact. It simple, to the point, and packs a punch.

Then again, I think that’s the purpose of a quote. Great quotes meet the 140 character limit that Twitter challenges its users.

Everyday we come across things we’re afraid of or that are challenging and tries our patience. More often than not we try to avoid them, go around them, pass them on to someone else. This quote, however, reminds me that going through these experiences are sometimes the best way out.

You never know the lasting impact it may have on you. You can learn from it, even if it may be bad. I often think that one event today, sets off a ripple effect on the rest of your life. That five years from now a bystander will remember the day she witnessed a customer giving me a really hard time and because I handled the situation rather well, she gives me a discount on my families meal.

It’s probably a bit too optimistic, but, really, you never know. Going through it, may be the best for you.

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