Wise Words: In Honor of JFK

I woke up before my alarm this morning, went for a walk, got ready for work a bit earlier than usual, and decided to stop at my grandmother’s house. On the TV, there was a special running on one of the news networks, I forget which one. It was in memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

This month, on the 22nd, marks 50 years since his assassination. It was before my time so I cannot say I’ve experienced the sadness of this event directly, but I grew up hearing things about it.

So watching this special had me feeling a bit sad. Sad for the nation because I heard he was a pretty decent guy and ok as far as Presidents go. I felt sad for the family, for Jackie in particular since she was there when it all happened. I cannot imagine what she must have felt.

While I cannot remember any quotes, off the top of my head, belonging to President Kennedy that stands out in my mind, but I knew some of my personal philosophies must stem off some of his teachings. I was right! So, out of all the quotes I’ve thumbed through, this one I relate to directly.


And because of her bravery and courage, I needed to pay a tribute to this strong woman. She is an inspiration. When I think of this tragic event, my first thoughts are with Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. And I absolutely love this quote from her (smart woman!):


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