Where are the reviews?

Sighs. Yes, I am completely behind in that department–the main content and focus of my blog.

I apologize for that. It’s not that I haven’t been reading. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve been reading way too much. I just haven’t been writing as much. And of course I have all the excuses lined up, but truthfully, I’ve been stuck.


They’re just reviews. How hard can it be?

It can be pretty tough!

But, I’m turning it around. For one, I’m reading books and taking a writer’s course on blogging to kick things up a notch–blog wise.

And two, since I’m still reading and watching movies I have plenty of content in my queue.

Wish me luck as I push towards the end if the year!

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3 thoughts on “Where are the reviews?”

  1. I still have a review to write from the books I read on holiday and I’ve been back 3 weeks. My problem is I can’t stop reading…. Be kind to yourself, you can’t do everything and it sounds like you have loads on 🙂