Wise Words: A Private Battle


This is one of my favorite quotes. How many times have we gone through our day wishing people were just a bit kinder to you, especially with the day you’ve had?

I’ve worked as an office assistant in a B&B and Vacation Rentals property for about five years. I’ve worked as a waitress for most of my life. So I’ve been around people. I can’t really yell at them or tell them off, not if I want to keep my job, so I used to speculate to help me keep my cool. I would think things like “Ok, the lady is yelling me because she’s having a really bad day. What if she just found out someone broke into her house?” or “Be cool. He’s just upset because his dog died.”

That’s what this quote reminds me of–that everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

Have you had an experience where you found out what someone’s private battle was? Have you ever felt like no one understood yours?

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