It’s NaNoWri Month!

I know. I’m late and as usual I’m prepared with a million … and one … excuses. But the main reasons are:

1) I have no internet! Yep. You read correctly. No. Internet. Sighs. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and while I don’t mind using my phone for quick status updates across the array of social media, a quick email check, and oh, of course phone calls, it’s a bit harder on writing. I take notes, of course, but then to formulate posts on my small screen … well, I’d rather not. But, I miss writing.

2) My new semester started and boy do I have tons of homework already!

But, it’s National Novel Writer’s Month! Now, I’m new to this scene, but I’m excited for the writing community and the awareness to it this event brings.

For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s exactly as it says: writing a novel month. It’s the month where writers make a push to write that novel. There’s good information at National Novel Writer’s Month‘s website.


I don’t have any ideas for a novel stored in my brain, but I respect the challenge. I respect the inspiration. And I respect the drive.

To all those participating in such a wonderful event, best of luck to you all!


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