Life 411: Under the Moon


There’s just something about the stillness of the night that makes me pause.

On my way from the main house to my little cottage, I couldn’t help but stop to admire the night sky. It seems a big, fluffy blanket is covering the moon (the picture is the closest I could find in likeness to what I’m looking at–courtesy of Mike Mezuel II Photography). There’s no wind (so of course there’s mosquitos, lol, but let’s ignore them for now), no other noise except for the crickets. It’s so serene.

It takes a moment like this to make you stop and just think about life. Well, it does for me. Of course all the things I need to accomplish catches up to me and I get very close to being overwhelmed, but at the same time, I think about all the things I have accomplished and all the things I’m planning to accomplish.

While art and entertainment gives us a much needed break from reality, I believe that the quietness of the world, wether it be in the early moments before the sun rises or that moment in the day where you steal a few minutes for yourself, that allows us to move on in reality.

Both serve a purpose for us in life. Both helps us deal with live. Both helps us to live life.

And in the end, living life is what matters.

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