Bookgeek 411: Secret Shopper

Spoiler Alert: As with all book reviews, there are chances of spoilers so proceed with caution.

Secret_Shopper_Cover_for_Kindle (1)Secret Shopper was recommended by a fellow booklover and I am happy to add it to my bookshelf.

It’s the first novel written by Tanya Taimanglo, whom I had the privilege of connecting with. You can take a look into her world through her blog, Guam Goddess in Training, as well as my blog post Through the Peephole: Author Tanya Taimanglo.

We meet Phoenix, a woman whose divorce forces her to find her true self. We follow her journey to self discovery through a divorce and into a loving and meaningful relationship. Along her journey, we see her support system through friends and family. I enjoyed seeing her develop as a character and could relate to her in many ways.

My favorite part in the story (yes, it’s a spoiler so heads up!) is when her best friend Rachel comes to visit her. Everyone needs a good friend and you’d hope to have a good friend like Rachel in your corner. Oh, and another thing that made me smile throughout the story is that one of Phoenix and Thomas’ favorite hangs was at a karaoke bar. I would never be brave enough to sing in such a public place, but I pictured I was one of the patrons sitting in that corner table watching this story unfold. Geekish, I know, but I really did imagine that I was one of those patrons, eating french fries and sipping my soda, watching Phoenix or Thomas sing their hearts out.

Simply put, this romantic comedy is beautiful and sweet. It is well written and a good read. I’d recommend this book to everyone. I’m adding this to my library for sure.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from this wonderful author.

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