Life 411: Ziplining Bliss

I still can’t believe I did it. Yes, me, I, Jei-Nhy went ziplining. And you know what? What an adventure! It was a thrill! I totally loved it.

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Our tour was amazing! Beautiful. Fun. Adventuresome.

My friend and I went with Outfitters Kauai and they did a fabulous job. Alice and Elvis were our guides and what impressed me the most about the pair was not only were they fun and kept our tour upbeat, they also stressed the importance of safety–in a pleasant way. Sometimes, when tour guides go over safety, it can be kind of a downer. Sometimes you feel scolded. However, I didn’t feel that way when these guides went over safety precautions.

They provided us with a cooler-backpack where we could stow our personal belongs throughout the trip and on the bottom, in the cooler part, they had already provided us with our lunch, snacks, and drinks–including water, of course.

The entire tour was about 9 ziplines, starting small and then working our way up to an 1800” cable line. It was awesome! We had two chances to ‘go upside down’ and though I really wanted to do this, I refrained. My perscription glasses are 2.5 years old and are rather loose on my face. I didn’t want them falling into the valley below us and I wanted to be able to actually see the beautiful views.

And, boy, are they beautiful. All of our tour took place on Kipu Ranch and let me tell you, absolutely beautiful. Since the ranch isn’t open to the public, the grounds are full with lush greenery and very mountainous terrain. A few films were filmed on that ranch: Just Go With It, Pirates 4, Jurassic Park to name a few.

Of course there is some hiking between zips and it did feel the weight dropping off me! Only to gain it back the few days following, but that’s another story 😉 . After our final zip, we got to spend about 20 minutes at a freshwater pond. There was a water zip and you could jump off about a 10″ ledge–I’m proud to say I did both. And you know what? It made me really miss swimming in the rivers. You don’t get to do that very often because of “running waters” not being … well, running.

I couldn’t deny it any longer, I’m a closet adrenaline junkie. Lol. Yep. Going in I thought I would have been a bit more scared to jump off those ledges, but I didn’t hesitate. Not once. So, I drew a conclusion that I think I’m not as scared off trying new things I thought I would be. I’m not saying I’m a total daredevil now, but I have a better understanding of what I can handle, excitement-wise.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend you trying ziplining at least once. I’d definitely go again!


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