30-day Challege – FAIL!, but still a good thing

Sighs. So, I’ve failed the 30-day challenge because I didn’t provide a daily post for 30-days straight. I suck.

But, what the challenge the challenge did benefit me in ways I did not expect.

During the challenge, not only did I post the daily challenge, but I found that I wrote more. It did what writing always does, it gets my thoughts going. I posted more posts during that challenge than I have done in my entire four years of blogging (with me taking this year more seriously)!

Another thing that the challenge has helped me with, is exposure. My blog seemed to gain more followers and more viewers and I think it was because I was posting more stuff. It’s amazing! I’ve reached an amazing 48 blog followers. I never would have thought I could get that far. And not only has my blog benefited from this exposure, but I’ve been able to meet-and-greet some of the blogging community. I’ve been able to connect with fellow bloggers because I’ve been actively posting.

Overall, even thought I didn’t complete the 30-day challenge, it’s benefited me in ways that I couldn’t have without it. I have every determination to post the rest of the challenge, even though there’s been a big break, so stay tuned!

And thank you to all I’ve met and who are following!


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