Math125 – Check!

The reason I haven’t blogged these past few days (sadly missing some of the 30-day blogging challenge) is due to the fact that I’ve been studying like a maniac to ensure I pass my math class this past semester.

Math has always been a challenge for me. Always. I made sure that Math was the only course in this past semester line up because it usually takes all my time and all my energies to just get by.

But I did it. Yes. I earned my math credits towards my degree. I passed my final exam with 75%. I passed the course with a 73%. I am ecstatic!


Seriously. I expected a C. I was hoping for at least a C. I am a happy camper.

Now with math finally behind me, for now, I can move on with this next semester a little more relaxed. I’m not taking any of my classes for granted, but the toughest class for me, at least that I am aware of, has passed.

Cheers to a challenge conquered! One step closer to earning my degree!

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