Waitressing: A Unique Dance

My family has had the wonderful privilege of owning and running a very successful local restaurant for the past 19 years.

We had humble beginnings in a modest, about 20 customer maximum (per fire code), building in the heart of a cozy town. Later we moved to a bigger place, in the same town, but now out on the highway.

I’ve had the privilege of growing up in this atmosphere. While working at the family restaurant wasn’t my first job, it has been the job I’ve been working at the longest. Between my full time job at the library during the day and studying at night, attending school part time to earn a degree, I help my family out at the restaurant.

And I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’m not saying it doesn’t have challenging moments–it does. Working in the customer service industry gives you the unique advantage of seeing many different personalities and gives you the unique opportunity to experience interacting with them. So yes, there are days when I just want to walk out in the middle of a busy dinner service and be done with it. Sometimes it pushes your limits, but it’s all relative. Maybe they had a bad day. Shrugs. You roll with the punches.

I love waitressing because I love working with the customers. Thankfully, we have a great customer base. Seriously. No sarcasm. It’s mostly local customers who knows our family or family members. Most of them have been our customers for years. They really make my night. I don’t usually talk a whole bunch with them, but sometimes they’ll ask me how’s school or just tell me “hi,” like I’m an old friend. All in all, it’s a nice feeling. And I like making them smile when I remember their ‘usual’ or knowing what they drink.

I love waitressing because I love the challenge. It takes practice to be cordial when you’re having a bad day. It’s a challenge to wait on the different personality types. It’s a challenge to remember all the answers to food questions like:

Do you use red meat or dark meat?
Mostly red meat. It’s deboned chicken thighs.

What is lomi lomi salmon exactly?
Cured salmon that’s diced with tomatoes, green onions, and round onions–it’s similar to salsa or ceviché.

What kind oil do you use?
Costco? Just kidding

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