Movie 411: “Elysium”

I am not going to lie. I was disappointed. I loved the story line. The plot was awesome. In the future The rich escapes Earth’s overpopulation by developing a “space station.” They have their own government, they never get sick because of their uber technology, they pretty much have their own world.

It was okay, but I felt they could have a done a bit more.

What does ‘could have done a bit more’ mean exactly?
I was thinking about that. How many times have we felt that way, only to not know what we mean.

Well, in this instance, I would have liked to see more about how Elysium was established. I understand that the rich wanted to escape an overpopulated Earth, but aside from a scientifically advanced machine that heals all types of sickness and injuries, what else makes their world so viable? Anyway, I would have loved to learn a bit more about the conflict between classes.

I would have also liked to see more of Freya and Max’s story. We see how they grew up together, fell in love, and had dreamed of a better life. What exactly happened that caused the rift? I mean, next thing we see they’re no longer friends and she has a daughter e didn’t know about. I mean, I get he was in jail. I get that life happens. But it would have been nice to see a little more on how they’re not even friends any more.

I liked the acting. Jodi Foster was fabulous as usual. Matt Damon didn’t do too bad either. And you can’t help but admire Murdock (A-Team, and portrayed by Sharlto Coply) actually being crazy! I had no problem with the acting.

The special effects was done nicely as well. Not too bad.

And the way they ‘upload’ things? Kinda like the The Matrix? That was awesome.

Is it DVD worthy?
Maybe not. I think I have to watch it one more time to get a better read. Right now, I think it’s a movie I’d pass on adding, but I’d watch it if someone else wanted to.

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