30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Pet Peeves

Truthfully, it takes a lot to irritate me so I don’t *think* I have many (of course my friends and family may disagree here).

5. Running late ~ I strongly dislike being late.
Running Late

4. Not using a coaster ~ Yes, I’m weird like that. If the restaurant I’m in doesn’t have a coaster, I will sacrifice a napkin.
Drip Busters!

3. When someone interrupts me when I’m reading ~ It does irritate me, just a bit. In the first few seconds I’m mad, but then reason kicks in and goes “Seriously, Jei-Nhy, are they mind readers? How did they know you’re at the ‘good part’?” (and really, the entire book is good)
Bert-No Interrupting!

2. When people don’t push in their chairs ~ I mean, really, it takes only two seconds to push in your chair.
Chairs not pushed in?

1. When people place their books page-down on the table to keep their place ~ Why can’t they just use a book marker? Don’t they know that it could damage the pages and the spine of the books?

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