30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day 5: 5 places you want to visit

Only 5? I could easily turn this into a list of 10, but I like the challenge of narrowing it down to five.

  1. Venice, Italy – I’ve always wanted to visit Venice. I was always fascinated by the fact that Venice is on the water and you need gondolas or small boats to get almost anywhere in Venice.
  2. Ireland – Yes, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. Ever since I watched the The Gnome-Mobile and The Magical Land of Leprechauns I’ve wanted to go.
  3. All of the New England States in the U.S. – This one goes on one bullet because if I ever get the chance, I’d like to do this on one trip.
  4. Montreal, Canada – because Montreal sounds really cool. I know, another childish reason, but it really does sound cool.
  5. Molokai/Lanai – Again, this is combined because I would love to make this one trip. I would love to see this side of Hawaii.

Ideally, I would love to rent an RV and do a coast to coast road trip of the United States. There’s so much to do and so much to see in my country that I wouldn’t mind if that’s all I got to see–oh, except Italy. I would happy to stay in one place if I could just visit Italy and do a U.S. road trip.

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