Writting 411: 5 Excellent Blogging Tips

As I continue to explore this fascinating world of blogging, I’m meeting wonderful people. The blogging community is full of fellow writers wanting you to succeed and it’s comforting to know that you have a whole community rooting for you.

One blogger has even offered personal help and advice: here. Since I’m new to blogging, I did ask SFoxWriting for his Top 5 Tips to Successful Blogging and he replied with the following advice:

1.Mix it up , people get bored quickly
2. Stay true to yourself , if you find it interesting so will others as your passion will shine through
3. Ask others what they want to hear about
4. Promote yourself or others wherever you can
5. Links links links everywhere = more views

I find Tip 1 already in action. August has been the first I’ve really started to focus on my blog and posting different topics has gained me more views and more visitors. The overall theme is the same, entertainment in all forms, but posting into different categories has kept things interesting.

And Tip 2 is in effect for my blog as well. With all the book review and movie review blogs out there in “the cloud,” I was skeptical adding to that pile, but I realized that I’ve connected with other book and movie review bloggers and that hasn’t stopped us from visiting each others blogs. We’re all very passionate about what we’re blogging about and we’re excited for each other.

I will definitely apply these tips to my blog and hopefully I can pass this along to others to help out as well.

Happy Blogging!

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