30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: The meaning behind your [Blog] name

The challenge called to explain the meaning of your Tumblr name, but I’m not on Tumblr. Someone suggested your Twitter name. Well, my Twitter name is @jeinhyq so it’s pretty straight forward. Nothing too fancy there. So I decided to go with my blog name. 411 Junkie.

When I was thinking about what to call my blog, I really had no idea where to begin simply because I had no idea what to blog about, see my posts “Blogging Ideas” and “Blogging Confusion.” I’ve also been through two names and they didn’t quite fit. Well, I knew I wanted to share information and that’s when it hit me, InfoJunkie! I was practically an information junkie–soaking up anything and everything I possibly could learn. But when I googled “infojunkie” it was already in use. I don’t think it was actively in use, but it was still reserved.

So, thinking of another name that could deal with information, I remembered that Disney used to do something like a mini-segment, only about a minute long, that the used to play during commercial breaks or sometimes between shows called “Disney 411.” I thought that was a brilliant! Since I couldn’t use InfoJunkie, I decided to go with 411 Junkie. And there you have it . . . 411Junkie.

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