Movie 411: “Beautiful Creatures”

beautiful creatures posterBeautiful Creatures. Let’s see.

Firstly, it’s an adaptation of the book.

Secondly, as an adaptation, I cannot compare because I have yet to read the novel. As a stand alone movie. It’s not too bad.

I admire the story line. It’s different. It’s a different point of view on the supernatural and I found it rather interesting. Another reason I like the story line is because the main character is a teenage boy (Alden Ehrenreich) and we see him falling in love with a girl (Alice Englert) who happens to have supernatural abilities. There have been so many movies where it’s the girl who falls in love with vampire/werewolf/warlock (pick your poison). It was nice to see it from a different perspective.

So, high marks on plot and story.

The continuity of the story was pretty good.  I don’t think it dragged on too much so the tempo was nice. I think the director did a good job in moving the story along and connecting all the dots. I think my only nag, if I have one, was that it felt like something was missing. I don’t think I can really fault that, though, because I think knowing that this is really an adaptation, I know there’s a lot the movie is leaving out. And knowing there may be missing parts to the story drives me a bit crazy. It was like that for Twilight and The Hunger Games. I watched the movies before I read the books.

The acting was good. I don’t remember seeing the leading male or leading female before and, assuming this was their debut on a blockbuster film, they did really well. They did falling in love, believable. I think they were missing some chemistry though. I didn’t find myself going “Aw, that’s love” but I didn’t say “Gosh, that sucked” either. Now, they did have some big names in this movie, Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson to name a couple. And they did wonderful. Decent marks for acting.

Overall, the movie was okay. I don’t think it’s one I’d add to my DVD collection, but it is something that I’d watch if I were, say, flipping through the channels and this happens to be playing. And I wouldn’t mind watching it if someone suggests it for movie of the night. But, again, I don’t think I’d add it to my collection.

If I read the books (because I am so going to now, of course), and my opinion changes, I’ll revisit this review, but for now, my verdict stands.

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