Literature 411: “Beginner’s Greek”

beginners_greekI have to say, this one was … unique.

If I had to describe the story in a few words it would be melancholy with a happy ending. It truly was.

Collins did a great job setting the scene and atmosphere, but at times I found the story to be “wordy.” I found myself skimming over some of the longer descriptions and I have to say I cheated. I know, I know. But I was having a hard time progressing and I just couldn’t stand it any longer. About one fourth of the way into the story I just had to skim a head to see what happened. I think a part of me was just aching to see what became of Holly and Peter because I just couldn’t believe the way things were turning out! I just couldn’t!

Another thing I had to get used to was Collins’ narrative. He jumps point of view throughout the story. And it wasn’t the kind where one chapter was from Peter’s point-of-view and another from Holly’s point-of-view. It would be several points-of-view within one chapter. I got the gist of it and while I did think it was a rather unique way to tell a story and I it was a pretty brave decision, but it was just a tad bit exhausting. An example of what he did was he would tell a portion of the story from Peter’s point of view and then the next section would be told from a priest or a waiter observing the same scene and then it may jump to Charlotte’s (Peter’s fiance) stepmother or some other character with a flashback or memory that someway relates to the event occurring.

It was a hard read. It took me a while. But I did appreciate the story. And I liked it even though it was challenging. It was touching, frustrating, heart-breaking, enjoyable, and happy all wrapped up into one: melancholy with a happy ending. And what I find rather interesting is that I think it mirror’s reality just a tad bit. I can appreciate it being realistic in that sense.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint-hearted. I honestly think this may make a good film adaptation, but I think the storyline has been done in films before. You’ll have to be an enthusiastic reader to get through this one, though, you probably could tackle it if you appreciate a good love story.

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