Movie 411: “Chasing Mavericks”

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chasingmavericksSo, for my “study break,” my husband I watched Chasing Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston.

When I first came across the movie, I was indifferent. It’s not that I don’t like surfing movies, but they all seem very similar to me. As a matter of fact, I told my husband “It sounds kind of like Point Break.” Truth be told, it kind of was. Plus, my indifference may stem from the fact that living in Hawaii I’m surrounded by the surfing community and … well, yeah. So, don’t hate me when I say that I wasn’t in a rush to watch it.

However, I’m glad I did.

Like any “coming of age” movie, this one fit the bill perfectly. A boy trying to discover himself takes to surfing when a neighbor pulls him out of the water, saving his life. Jay Moriarty has a troubled life and through it all, that neighbor, Frosty, becomes a father figure. Surfing helps them both to cope with life, to grow, to strive to be a better person. Jay’s main goal is to surf one of the most dangerous surf spots, Mavericks (see, kinda similar to Point Break, right? BUT …) I loved every minute. The story flowed nicely. There were some funny parts, some low parts, some “aw” moments, and it had a great conclusion which wrapped things up nicely.

I loved some of the teaching moments this movie had to offer. In fact, I jot down a few of them. My favorite is when ***SPOILER*** Frosty took Jay free diving and just as they were about to surface, a 15-foot shark comes swimming their way, causing them to stay underwater just a bit longer. In that moment, Jay starts to panic a bit and Frosty grabs him and calm him down. When they surface and climb on the boat, Frosty asks Jay “What was that?” and after a couple of exchanges Frosty tells Jay “Fear and panic are two different emotions.” He goes on to say that while fear is healthy, panic can be deadly. When Jay asks Frosty how to deal with panic, Frosty tells him to identify the thing you’re afraid of. ***END OF SPOILER***

The acting was nicely done too, but who can argue with Gerard Butler (ok, I know some people can, but … it’s Gerard Butler! “This is Sparta!”)? And Weston did a pretty good job. As the leading actor, along side Butler, he wasn’t too bad. Held his own. It’s the first time I’ve seen this actor and I hope he has a good career going for him.

Good story, good acting, good graphics. The water shots are awesome, by the way. Props to the camera men and women on that one. Nicely done.

If I had a rating scale, this movie wouldn’t be epic, but it’s not mediocre either. I think it’s DVD worthy and worth a watch. It was a good way to start my weekend.


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    1. I can see where you’re coming from. Movies like these, for me, really is a gamble because the story has been done so many times over. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view!