The 411on “Battleship”

When this movie first came out, I heard mixed reviews–most of them expressed their disappointment with the movie. I can see what they mean. The movie isn’t perfect, but I enjoyed it!

1) Good story – Now, I admit, we’ve seen this story line before. US thinks they’re doing a great job by establishing a satellite that can communicate with outer space until BAM! we’re under attack by aliens who want Earth for their own. And actually, one of my top favorite movies has a similar story line than this, Independence Day with Will Smith. But it’s unique in a sense that the story takes place in Hawaii and not only does it take place in Hawaii, it takes place during RIMPAC. That is truly a unique angle. For those of you who’s not familiar with RIMPAC, I suggest you click on the link. For those of you who really don’t want to know, trudge ahead. But RIMPAC helps boost Hawaii’s economy not only in tourism, but in technology and defense as well. Just saying.

Anyway, it was really cool for me to see RIMPAC from this point-of-view, even if it isn’t the “real” thing.

Edited to include: My husband pointed out the movie showed Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe under attack, but we didn’t see anything of Hickham. I’m wondering if it’s because they’re a joint base now? Wait! I bet that’s it. I forgot they were Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickham.

2) Good Graphics – For me, the graphics seemed balance. They weren’t off the charts awesome!, but it was decent. There were some parts that were questionable, but overall it was too small to cause any real distraction from the story. It was nicely done and edited really well. In my humble opinion.

3) Good Acting – The acting was pretty good. There were a few actors/actresses where you stop and think “this must be their début,” but overall I think the cast did a great job carrying out this story line. A few of them I hope to see again; they have great potential.

Is it DVD or Blu-ray worthy?

It doesn’t quite meet my Blu-ray criteria, but I would watch it again and I’d say give it a fair shot.

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