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Since this blogging world is still kind of new to me and I’m still trying to make sense on what I am actually blogging about, I’m still doing a lot of research on writing. I stumbled upon this blog post while browsing through my university’s LinkedIn group and thought I’d share it. I recommend everyone to read it, even if you’re not “professionally” writing.

From OnlineCareerTips, “How to Keep Your Writing Professional Online,” by Adrienne Erin.

It made me think: Am I writing professionally? Can my blog be considered “professional?” My immediate answer is “no,” of course. But, the guidelines in the article is good information. I decided to do a mental check:

1.  Back Up Your Thoughts

Well, I do my best to back up my opinions. I mean, I understand it is important to know what you’re talking about. How embarrassing would it be to write about something that you know nothing about? *thinks* Ok, unless you sincerely didn’t understand the point or misunderstood it. But overall, I think I do manage to give examples, at the very least, about my position on things.

2.  Try It Without the Intro Paragraph

This is a new one to me since almost all my classes drilled into my brain to have an introduction paragraph. I’m not sure I even know how to write without an intro and conclusion. I’ll have to experiment with this. Ms. Erin makes an excellent point: “Readers of online material aren’t in it for the long explanations.” I also like her parting advice: “Your posts should be skimmable.” I don’t think some are “skimmable.” I have to make it a point to practice this as well.

3.  Use Headings

I love headings. I think I use them efficiently, but still. Now that I’m aware that it’s one characteristic of a professionally tone, I’ll be on the look out for it.

4.  Don’t Push It

Hm, great advice with this one. And you know, I agree with this. I love that this is on the list.

5.  The Importance of TL;DR

I absolutely LOVE this. [Too Long; Didn’t Read]. I most definitely will be using this as a guide in my future blog posts.

So, I would say I’m halfway there. And since I’m still feeling my way through this blogging world, I think I’m doing pretty good. There is always room for improvement though, so I’m not going to argue with progress.

Edited: 03 April 2015

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