Harry Potter, after “The End”

ThePotterFamilyI’m a Harry Potter fan at heart. Always will be. I mean, that story was … epic! So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this post through a friend on Facebook (who has her own blog by the way, Zemfrika Blogs) who shared this from BuzzFeed (you see how that whole networking thing works?). And I do need to give a shout out to Ellie Hall for this wonderful post!

Some of these events I was aware of, but others were a pleasant surprise. It’s always good to “peek” at those characters we’ve fallen in love with to see what they’ve been up to after “The End.”



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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter, after “The End””

  1. Oh! I loved that buzzfeed post – it’s like visiting w/old friends, makes me want to re-read the books even more now. And thanks so much for a mention! 🙂

    1. I love that post too. Harry Potter and company is definitely rooted in my heart somewhere. And you are most welcome for the mention! Your “share” brightened my day. =)