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Part of the reason for me not blogging as much is the fact that I’m going to school. Now, I understanding that this may seem like an excuse to most and I won’t deny that, but I do offer it as an explanation. The fact that I had a developmental writing course last semester and now I’ve moved up a level this semester (I’m actually taking a course that counts to my degree, yay!), I’ve been doing a LOT of writing.

So, I decided to post my essays. After all, I did write them, right? And I’ve had several family members and friends asking to read some of it so why not feature them here? Which brings me to my newest category: Essays.

I will start posting some of my essays (only the best ones) soon.

I’ve enjoyed the writing classes I’ve had. Formal writing, well . . . scholarly writing is a challenge for me. I guess it’s because I’m more of a private journaling type of person that it’s hard when I have to stay within a certain writing format and then do research and then make sure I cite my sources. But, I love the challenge and I know it only makes me a stronger writer.

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