Blogging Confusion

Again I find myself wide awake, past midnight, deciding I should blog my general thoughts. Again, I find myself thinking about my blog.

I seriously thought I had gained a footing in this blogging business, but I’m back on finding my niche. Perhaps if I keep blogging, regardless of subject, I’ll notice a pattern and can start honing it. Everyone says to blog a niche. A really great blog I found, Write With Warnimont, also suggests finding a niche. In fact, it’s a really great blog entry with some really great advice. But what’s my niche? What can I consider myself an expert in?

I’ve established that I love writing. I’ve established that I’d love to give whatever I can to the film and entertainment industry. I’ve established that I love learning and information. But how do you take all that and combine it into a workable platform? Especially a platform that hones in on a particular subject? This is a tough one. I think, too, that I’ve read that you should just blog about anything and everything from just as much people as those who say “find a niche.”

Isn’t funny? But what does that mean to me and how can apply that?

I guess this is just something I’ll need to figure out on my own. And actually, as I mentioned before, I’m kind of excited to see what blogging pattern I develop. So far it seems that I’m blogging about blogging! Of course not exclusively, since I’ve managed to come up with a couple of book reviews. I know I’ll zero in on something, hopefully soon, but only time will tell . . . and blogging of course.

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