Education: A New Perspective

I just finished reading “Redefining Smart: Multiple Intelligence.”  It’s a reading assignment that was given in one of my classes and is the topic of my personal essay due at the end of the semester. Education is a sensitive spot for me. Personal growth and development are a couple of my top values and I appreciate that education is a huge part of that value. I appreciate all forms of education and I’m a huge advocate of it.

Reading this article has just given me a deeper appreciation of what our educators must have experienced trying to adhere to a traditional view that reason and understanding complex ideas was the basis of education when they knew that wasn’t the whole picture. Just reading that line made me realize what it must have been like, knowing that the potential to learn better for some students extended past the classroom, but having no one listen. I have only begun my research so this is my impression of this new theory as of now. I may change as I get further on in my research, but for now, I just wanted to take this moment to think about the challenges teachers may have faced.

I pictured what it must have felt like to see a book, published with valid research, telling you that “you were right” and “you are not crazy.” It just amazes me just how far education has come. I know this isn’t the end, but only a beginning as more and more research on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence continues and application of these principles increase.

I’m excited to research this topic. I can’t wait to see where this information takes me.

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