Study Break: A 411 reflection

Yeppers. I’m taking a break from my studies of Ancient Rome (taking a closer look and Roman law and paterfamilias, in case you were wondering) to give some thought on the year so far. Which is almost done considering we’re nearing the halfway point of October.

In true 411 junkie fashion, I just had to take a look at what I posted (or not, which, of course, has been more not).

That’s not too bad considering the year I’ve had thus far. But, moving on! And forward!

October isn’t done yet and NaBloPoMo is coming up. There is still a lot of 2017 left to do some damage so . . . let’s do this!

Wise Words: Pay Attention

Pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to. They are often connected to your path, passion, and purpose in life. Have the courage to follow them. 

Ruben Chavez

It’s so easy, at times, to brush things aside because it didn’t suite the lives of others—maybe laters, no I couldn’ts, wishful thinkings creep in to convince you otherwise. Sometimes, you need to pay attention. Paying attention will tell you that you may be on the wrong path. Paying attention will clue you in to your natural self. Then jump and trust yourself.

At the Movies: The Dark Tower

Okay, not quiet at the theater but watching it nonetheless.

Excited to watch it. The trailer looked so good.


A good storyline. The trailer looks like it was based on multiverse theory which, for a “non-loving” Sci-Fi fan, I absolutely love seeing done. Yes, total geek, but that’s the INTPer in me I guess. And Stephen King is genius when it comes to plot (except that I don’t watch his movies since they usually fall in the horror genre which I am definitely not a fan of).

Awesome tension between good versus bad. And I’m speculating here. Matthew McConaughey is the bad guy while Idris Alba is the hero and since I think both actors do such a great job in whatever roles they play, I’m interested in seeing how they playoff each other.

So here goes …

Blink … day 7 October

Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, oh my goodness! Did that just happen? Is it already day seven of October? Has my last post really been five days ago?

Sighs. Goodness, I never intend to miss that many days between posts. But, I have to admit, my mind is stuck on solving this Google Sheets problem. You see, I figured out a tracking system for my pen pals. To most people, that it’s not a big deal. 

Just list their address or keep a running log.

Well, that’s the point. But I didn’t want just a log . . . anyway! I’ll make a post on that later and I’ll give the reason. Back on track now. But really quickly, this is one problem that my mind has worked on in the background for some time now. 

So, I finally figured out a tracking system that works for me (because I’m picky about stuff) except for this one little thing I want my Google Sheet to do for me. Just one little thing that I’m sure is possible if I get the right formula . . . which I will share in another post. But trying to figure this out has pretty much zapped any brain power I have left after studying and working. And apparently, it’s taken me five days to figure out my mind has been on lockdown and snap out of it for a little while. Enough to realize that I haven’t blogged in a while and that I probably should post something.

You know, that’s just the thing with INTPers like myself. We just get locked into things and disappear, you know? But that’s another post as well.

So, we’ll see how long I can stay anchored ;). До встречи!  Пока пока.


Movie 411: Hitman’s Bodyguard

Director: Patric Hughes (Expandables 3)

Screenplay: Tom O’Connor 

Released: August 2017

Genre: Action/Comedy

Rated: R . . . a hard R-rating

The hook: Ryan Reynolds!!


In Summary: It’s all in the title really, but . . . a hitman has decided to testify against this global baddie and whether this evil guy gets locked away or not solely depends on this hitman’s testimony. But this global baddie, well, he’s a baddie for a reason. He has lots of pull and power so when authorities go to transport this hitman to the trial, BAM! Ambushed by people who try to kill him so he can’t testify. Enter outside help. 

Random thoughts: 

As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie I knew I was going to watch it. Let’s table that I’m a huge Ryan Reynolds fan for a moment. Okay, never mind because Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson!! How can you not want to watch this? Unless, of course, you prefer a no-swearing, no-killing kind of movie. 

The Plot:


So good, if you ask me. A bodyguard for a highly qualified hitman? I mean, really? How awesome is that plot? Do they kill each other? Do they even know each other? They travel similar circles after all, right? Well, all these questions are answered, and then some. I’m sure this isn’t the first movie that had that premise, but it’s the first in a long time I’ve heard or seen with this kind of plot. Very entertaining.

and Presentation:

A+. Not only do Reynolds and Jackson do such a good job. The action sequence, the scene layouts, the dialogue. All awesome. Great balance of seriousness, that moves the plot along, and comedy. It’s witty humor, you know? I’m sucker for witty humor. I also liked that they presented Michael Bryce’s (Reynolds) way of doing things and Darius Kincaid’s (Jackson) way of doing things.

And then you have Selma Hayek and Gary Oldman’s performance topping things off. So awesome. 


This is definitely a must add. It’s entertaining enough that I’d reach for it more than once to watch. Well worth the investment if you ask me. 


Hello October!

I cannot believe it. We are just under twelve weeks until Christmas Eve. TWELVE WEEKS! Where has the time gone?

I have to say, though, I feel so much better and just hope allergies and any common cold will stay away just for a spell so I can pull things together. Just for a bit.

We’re heading into the final quarter of 2017. Three months from now we will be into 2018. 2018! Jeepers, I can’t believe that. And with autumn aon week two, I’m feeling happy. It’s no secret fall has always been my favorite season and we’ve already had some autumn showers. 

So, let’s make these last three months in 2017 count. I will try my darnest to get it together.

Happy October!!