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Wise Words: Pick Them Wisely

Pick Wisely

People inspire you or drain you-pick them wisely. ~Hans F. Hanson There are tons of quotes that talk about the influences of others, and I love most of them, but this one because it made pause and think about the people that surround me (strangers included). It’s amazing how much I don’t notice until something tells me to pay attention. The rest of the day I kept thinking “do you inspire me or drain me?” and some of the things I learned surprised me. So, pick them wisely!

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Random 411: What to do at 3 in the morning

Well, insomnia isn’t much of a surprise to me and I’ll probably pay for it dearly come tomorrow, but for now … killing time. So, what can you do at 3 in the morning that will allow you to stay under the covers (because it’s finally feeling like autumn) yet pass the time until the Sandman finally comes. This! I decided to combine my love of the cinema and history. The infamous Hollywood Ten. Those who were caught up in the politics of the Cold War. It’s a pretty interesting topic, considering I’ll be focusing on the impacts of the Ref Scare for my major research paper. Nothing like research to get the mind going (even though I should be resting it) 🙂 . Пока, пока!

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Commercial Break!

Ok, if you haven’t watched Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children go watch it! After a week of laborious studies I decided to give myself a treat and watch a movie. We have three movies I was interested in seeing: Jack Reacher, Miss Peregrine’s, and The Accountant. If you haven’t guesses what one I went to watch … go watch Miss Peregrine’s. That is if you like fantasy movies and such. And if you already watched Jack Reacher and m/or The Accountant. Or if you don’t really want to watch Jack Reacher and/or The Accountant. Full review to come (hopefully soon)!

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Random 411: School and things

Is it Saturday? Already?! I can’t believe I went a whole week without posting a single thing! Ugh. But to argue my case, I have read. Reading this: Which has things like this: It’s part of my assignment to write a book review. Huh, an official book review. Like for a grade. Like to further my goal on obtaining a degree. So it’s not like I’ve been purposely neglecting my blog, but I do feel a bit frustrated that I have. However, I am just over halfway through my program and excited I am zeroing in on the finish line. Imagine that, me, having a degree in European History. I’m amused yet anxious I made it this far. Never thought I would. Hope I would someday, but not sure if I could. This semester is all about the Cold War and despite the nearly zero time I have to read…

Wise Words

Wise Words: A Total Waste of Time


Note: So, I had typed this out October 12th and realized, just now, that it didn’t get posted cue an eye roll. And I was debating whether to just wait until this next week to do so, but since it’s been 15 days (Ugh, 15 days!) since my last post, I just had to hit publish! Worry is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing. Tell me this isn’t true. Now, I know there are exceptions to this and there are times, and things, that you cannot help but worry, however, stripped down to the bare minimum, is it not a waste of time? While worrying helps us by encouraging us to think through our decisions, actions, etc. one more time, all in all it does steal our joy and it does keep us busy…

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Biblio 411: Reasons to Read


For those of you who didn’t know by now, I love to read. I can write a full page of reasons I read, but this captures just about all of them and it is plainly put. I particularly love the first paragraph because that is the number one reason I enjoy reading so much–I am curious. Reading helps me explore different perspectives, different realities, different experiences. Sometimes it places me in uncomfortable situations because I see inaccuracies in my beliefs, yet, because if this, it makes my beliefs stronger.  I have no advice to offer those who don’t enjoy reading except to not ignore it all together. Try. Start with subjects you like or want to learn about. Reading doesn’t have to fiction or make believe. Non-fiction reads are based on subjects so find something you like. You always wanted to travel? Pick up a travel guide of the area…