Random 411

Random 411: Thoughts on Philosophy 101

I’m into week two of Intro to Philosophy and I must say, I’m geeking out hard core. We’ve read up on “What is Philosophy?,” “Why study Philosophy?” (Not that there is a definite answer, but enlightening nonetheless), Thales, and pre-Socratics. This week we got into Socrates and Plato.  I am geeking out because this class seems to speak directly to my inner geek. You see, I’ve always appreciated the value of knowledge. From an early age I always thought “there is more to learn.” Call it staying green or expanding your mind or whatever, but not everyone appreciated my inquisitive nature, but I strived to learn as much as I could when I could. And it was no holds bar when it came to learning. I enjoyed history and English and social studies. And even though I never excelled at it, Math and Science did pique my interest. I love…

Wise Words

Wise Words: Endless Opportunities

When you look at the possibilities instead of the problems, the future is filled with endless opportunities. Zig Ziglar Imagine, for a moment, your life stretched out before you. As with all things, there is some good and some bad.  Think of how you would react to these ups and downs. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would respond positively to those up-moments, right? The same is true for reacting negatively to down-moments. I mean, everybody loves to be happy and nobody really wants to be mad/sad.  Now, imagine if you saw the possibilities those down-moments hold. Maybe a lesson that needs to be learned or a situation that teaches you how to help others? I get that sometimes there is no spinning a down-moment, but how much more up-moments would we have if we viewed everything as a possibility instead of a problem? I would…

Biblio 411

Random 411: I’m still here

Has it really been that long since I posted something?! Twelve days?! I could have sworn I did more than one post and seriously thought it was only about a week. Sighs. In my defense I have been in minor to mild pain, taking a muscle relaxant some nights. It’s nothing major, but the doctor wasn’t lying when he said it could make me drowsy. It’s my shoulder. It appears I have a muscle spasm behind my shoulder blade and it’s so dang irritating and sometimes very sore. So you add that to the first week of the semester and you have the perfect excuse 😉. Oh, I am happy to report I’ve been doing well with the a month of letters challenge. That’s partly why I’ve lost track of posting (I have draft posts sitting in my queue. I just haven’t put the final touches on them to publish….

Writing 411

Month of Letters 2017: It’s HERE!

Woohoo! A Month of Letters. It’s here. And I am definitely participating (speaking of which, I need to write my letter for today). With technology continuing to render things obsolete, many have said that letter writing is slowly dying out as well. I can see why people may believe that. After all, a majority of the population don’t write letters. I mean, why write letters when you can message someone or email someone? Social media has only strengthened that claim when you can easily check in on a family member or friends feed and click like or send a gif to say hi. While letter writing isn’t the popular choice, I believe it is far from being obsolete. I have stumbled across a few websites dedicated to letter writing, connect fellow letter writers across the globe, and it is as strong as ever. Letter writing has a strong community of letter…

Wise Words

Wise Words: Moving Forward

Hope, but never expect. Look forward, but never wait. Hope is a powerful thing. It is sometimes the only motivation for pushing through challenges and hardship. However, it can also be destructive especially when it crosses over to expectation. Looking forward is a power thing. Like hope, it motivates to get through things. Looking forward opens your mind to possibilities. It gets you excited about the future. Yet, more often than not we play the waiting game because we want to share this excitement with others. However, excitement dims when we wait too long to move forward. This quote strikes a balance and reminds you of that balance.

Random 411

Study Break: A little closer to the finish line

What a semester!  These past eight weeks had my mind wrapped up in linguistics. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for this class. All I knew was that I always wanted to learn a second language, I am a history major, and it would be to see what “a study of language” meant.  I’m not entirely sure how being a history major mattered in my decision to take Intro to Linguistics, but I remember thinking how language is an essential part of culture and it may correlate with history on some level. Oh, and I was thinking “if I learn how to speak another language, I’ll be able to access the knowledge written in that language.”  I could read manuscripts or even newspapers. It may not be as prestigious as old manuscripts, but understanding Tolstoy in its native language opens up a new perspective. And that appeals…