Biblio 411

Biblio 411: P. S. I Like You

Author Kasie West Publisher Point Series Stand Alone Released July 2016 The Hook Letters! And Kasie West. Summary Just a bit bored in Science class, Lily finds lyrics to one of her favorite sounds lightly scribbled on her desk. She continues the next line in the lyrics and the next day she gets a reply. Shortly after she’s exchanging notes with someone who shares her seat in a different period and a fast friendship, and more, forms. I’ve read most of Kasie West’s novels and I have loved every one I’ve read. Out of all the ones I’ve read, this is my favorite (bumping The Distance Between Us to second place). Not to mention, this title came up in my search for epistolary novels. So my love of letters and one of my favorite authors? Win win. The Plot . . . Brilliant! The plot is brilliant. Of course I’m bias since…

Wise Words

Wise Words: Two Roads

Someone once asked me “why do you always insist on taking the hard road?” I replied “why do you assume I see two roads?” ~Unknown Maybe it’s because I’m taking a philosophy course (which I don’t think that’s entirely why) or because I’m always curious or because I’m always open to other perspectives (not that I agree with those perspectives, but I don’t mind listening to them), but this quote appealed to me because why is it that we assume others can see two roads?  We hear it all the time “why do you always have to do it the hard way?” or “I guess he/she has to learn it the hard way?” And I understand that in some cases, with most people, there usually is an “easy” way. When we don’t listen to those who’ve gone through things before, like our parents. When we read instructions or understand things could…

Random 411

Random 411: On Holiday

What a beautiful thing, paid holiday. My official holiday began yesterday, but since I don’t work on weekends, 4:30 pm Friday was when I took a deep breath and sighed because I’d be free from official work for two weeks. Originally, this holiday was scheduled to fly off on a family (extended family included) vacation to Disneyland, but personal matters interfered with that but you can still have a relaxing holiday even though you don’t go anywhere. After all, it’s a chance to recuperate is it not? However form that recuperation takes the whole point of taking a break from work is to take that time to relax. Free you time to do other things.  And I plan to. Not that I have a plan or anything and if I’m honest I’ve slipped these past two days on my Russian studies 😝, but it’s nice not to wake up early…

Movie 411

Movie 411: Moana

Directed by: Ron Clements (Aladdin, Treasure Planet, The Princess and The Frog) and John Musker (Aladdin, Treasure Planet, The Princess and The Frog) Co-Directed by: Don Hall and Chris Williams Screenplay by: Jared Bush (Zootopia) Rated:  PG Release Date:  November 2016 Genre:  Family, Adventure The Hook: It was about Maui, a demigod I’ve been learning about for as along as I can remember. Near and dear to my Hawaiian heritage, I couldn’t not watch it. The Summary Moana is the daughter of an island chief destined to rule the people someday, but she also has her own destiny waiting for her. A darkness is slowly creeping up on her people, threatening their way of life. What used to work for them in the past isn’t working anymore and against the wishes of her parents, Moana sets off to chase a legend in hopes to restore nature’s balance. and The Review From the moment I heard…

Movie 411

Movie 411: LaLa Land

Directed by: Damien Chazelle Screenplay by: Damien Chazelle Rated: PG-13 Release Date: December 2016 Genre: Musical, Drama The Hook: Musical!   An aspiring actress and determined jazz pianist cross paths while pursuing their careers in the heart of Los Angeles. They fall in love and together they weave through the ups and downs of the entertainment business. The Review As soon as I saw the preview I just had to watch it. In theaters. Because I’m a fangirl of musicals. Well, most musicals. The really good musicals. Anyway. Not only was it a musical, it was the kind of music that got me. I’m a sucker for this type of sound and couldn’t wait to see how this enhanced the movie. Never mind the plot! Oh, and it had two of my favorite movie people, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Sold! The Plot . . . It’s your typical boy…

Wise Words

Wise Words: Being Normal

My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage. Aunt Frances ~ Practical Magic  I can’t remember a time where I thought I was normal. I always felt a little bit … off from my classmates and friends. There were times when I felt a little upset that I couldn’t be more carefree like my peers or develop that laid back, chill out type of attitude most of the kids my age seem to exude (because I’m sure there were others out there who felt the same way, they just did a better job at ‘being normal’). Which is why I appreciate Aunt Frances and her wisdom. I’m not saying I’m courageous, but she made it a point to make me see that being normal may not necessarily be something everyone should strive for either….